Last day!

What a blast it was! Three weeks ran by quickly. Town of Ederveen became our second home, and Gerard of Gamegroothandel taught us a lot: programming skills, how to run small warehouse, helped us to understand and manage office environment ICT systems. We gained practical skills like programming languages –  html, css, javascript, php  and an understanding of a web development and client feedback. We wish Gerard and his team best of luck and hope we can meet again someday!

We liked to say thank you to B&B owner Frabora – she looked after us well for the last three weeks, and bicycles she provided were very helpful. We highly recommend this place to say if you are visiting Netherlands.

All this experience wouldn’t be possible without Erasmus+ program – we gained greater exposure to the global industry and got invaluable international experience.

Also big thanks to our Tutor Regina Beirne for organizing the whole program  at Greenhills college and made all this experience happen for us.

As for us today – Finish polishing website. Gerard promised as nice burger for the dinner – then a goodbye party involving some poker games 🙂

Hope you enjoyed our blog!

Jonas and Gabriel




Day 17 and 18


We got hands on “Raspberry Pi‎” mini computer – small single-board computers developed in the United Kingdom by the Raspberry Pi Foundation to promote the teaching of basic computer science in schools.

It will act as a mini server in someones home. App interface we design will connect to this server to display and generate values.

Gerard tested first php draft and it worked! Slowly things coming together.

Also client arrived and gave us feedback for the interface. We have list of changes to implement, change style to his liking.

I took a screen grab of our interface – keep in mind its still work in progress.

Day 15 and 16

Back to Gamegroothandel office, sun is shining bright, all snow is gone – spring is coming!

We delve right back to web interface we were building. Gerard asked us to make sure website is compatible on all devices – not an easy task. Its something you have to consider when you start building website.

We had to solve problems in html code and css to fit each devices screen.

At the moment color pallet of the website looks a bit funky: red,green,orange. What colors would suit website for all the customers – next task for us to find out. We want it to look professional and simple to use.


Day 13 and 14 (Weekend)

On our last weekend in Netherlands I went to explore more of Amsterdam history and Gabriel – the night life of a city. That day was snowing quite heavily – scenery reminded me of my hometown in Lithuania.

I had met with my friends in Amsterdam and we took a stroll in a Chinatown, visited Buddhas temple. Photo above is old castle-like building, 500 years old, now a restaurant.

Also we saw one of the oldest wooden buildings in a city – i will post pictures above.

The origins of the city lie in the 12th century, when fishermen living along the banks of the River Amstel built a bridge across the waterway. The streets where we walked –  all  was flooded in the early days.

We stopped by at local pub to try some finest Dutch beer “La Chouffe” – i recommend it. Gabriel and I enjoyed our last weekend in Amsterdam – one more week to go!



Day 11 and 12

its snowing! About minus four degrees, i took photo above – our B&B. We had to cycle slowly – roads were a bit icy.

We managed to create accordion menu in html that does what we want it to do, learned about positioning objects in css.

Gerard shared with us his trade secrets – where he buys  stock and on what market he sells refurbished items.

We were assigned task to choose 50-100 items to buy if they meet certain value criteria.

As usual nice dinner followed in the evening – “Frikandellen” sausages wore delicious.

Day 9 and 10

Tuesday and Wednesday we focused on building html code for a website, accordion menus, javascript functions and css. Great website i can recommend is for learning all kinds of programming language.

Also we were taking orders, packaging items, cleaning CDs, organizing items on a shelf.

In the morning we get some shopping done in local supermarket which is just 10 min away to cycle.

Days are getting colder- we can expect some snow soon.

Day 8

Today Gerard assigned us a project – build an app in Android studio with html interface to control lighting and other electrical appliances in the house. Its a big challenge, so most of the the day we wore researching what tools should we use to make this work.

In the evening we got a prototype working – quite happy with a result.

Weather is getting colder, there even could be snow soon!