Last day!

What a blast it was! Three weeks ran by quickly. Town of Ederveen became our second home, and Gerard of Gamegroothandel taught us a lot: programming skills, how to run small warehouse, helped us to understand and manage office environment ICT systems. We gained practical skills like programming languages –  html, css, javascript, php  and an understanding of a web development and client feedback. We wish Gerard and his team best of luck and hope we can meet again someday!

We liked to say thank you to B&B owner Frabora – she looked after us well for the last three weeks, and bicycles she provided were very helpful. We highly recommend this place to say if you are visiting Netherlands.

All this experience wouldn’t be possible without Erasmus+ program – we gained greater exposure to the global industry and got invaluable international experience.

Also big thanks to our Tutor Regina Beirne for organizing the whole program  at Greenhills college and made all this experience happen for us.

As for us today – Finish polishing website. Gerard promised as nice burger for the dinner – then a goodbye party involving some poker games 🙂

Hope you enjoyed our blog!

Jonas and Gabriel





One thought on “Last day!”

  1. Well done Jonas and Gabriel! I enjoyed reading your blog over the last three weeks. Gerard and his staff have been great. It has been a great Erasmus experience for Greenhills College. We will endeavour to continue our participation in the Erasmus+ programme in the future. Thank you to Gerard and the stall at Gamegroothandel, Ederveen.


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