Day 11 and 12

its snowing! About minus four degrees, i took photo above – our B&B. We had to cycle slowly – roads were a bit icy.

We managed to create accordion menu in html that does what we want it to do, learned about positioning objects in css.

Gerard shared with us his trade secrets – where he buys  stock and on what market he sells refurbished items.

We were assigned task to choose 50-100 items to buy if they meet certain value criteria.

As usual nice dinner followed in the evening – “Frikandellen” sausages wore delicious.


Day 9 and 10

Tuesday and Wednesday we focused on building html code for a website, accordion menus, javascript functions and css. Great website i can recommend is for learning all kinds of programming language.

Also we were taking orders, packaging items, cleaning CDs, organizing items on a shelf.

In the morning we get some shopping done in local supermarket which is just 10 min away to cycle.

Days are getting colder- we can expect some snow soon.

Day 8

Today Gerard assigned us a project – build an app in Android studio with html interface to control lighting and other electrical appliances in the house. Its a big challenge, so most of the the day we wore researching what tools should we use to make this work.

In the evening we got a prototype working – quite happy with a result.

Weather is getting colder, there even could be snow soon!

Weekend – Day 6 and 7

On a Saturday and Sunday we spent most of our time in Amsterdam. Caught an early train and found a lovely place for breakfast near Amsterdam central station – “Sugar and Spice”.

Next we were strolling through city’s  narrow cobblestone streets, watching surge of tourist increase as morning change to afternoon. You have to watch out for cyclist – most popular type of transportation in Amsterdam.

We visited Rijksmuseum – Dutch national museum dedicated to arts and history. You can get lost in it for almost few hours. Dutch history from 1600 to 1900 on display. From Paintings to gorgeous libraries. I will post pictures below.

Quick snack in a nearby Cafe and we decided to see  Van Gogh Museum – art museum dedicated to the works of Vincent van Gogh and his contemporaries.

After long day we got train back to Ederveen. Frabora was very kind to give us a lift back from train station to B&B – rain was pouring in the evening.