Day 5

Friday morning i took the picture above – a view from a B&B living room. Very peaceful place to stay in.

Today we were  offloading new delivery,itemizing  and making more space in a B warehouse . Also doing some maintenance, cleaning  office equipment.

In a website we learned about constants and Operators of PHP.

In the evening Gerard showed us how you find specific items in the warehouse, what system of sorting good he uses –  good practice to learn if we ever have a big store!



Day 3 and 4

Today we got bicycles from Frabora B&B , so much faster to get to work  and get around town. We cycled to Ederveen town to buy some groceries.

Our main job in warehouse B was check delivery contents, prepare floor for sorting out items, inspect each items bar code and its condition. Teamwork was a key to accomplish this task efficiently.

Highlight of the evening was delicious lasagna prepared by Gerard and a dessert from Jeffrey – Thanks guys!

On a Thursday we delve into learning PHP programming basics, Gerard was kind to show examples of his work and encourage us to try write some of our own code.


Day 2

We took a group photo of us, Gerard and his staff,our Tutor Regina Beirne and army of Interns from Netherlands. I would like to say special thanks to Regina who organized Erasmus+ program  and guided us through Netherlands.

Today Gerard showed  step by step how to complete customers order – from receiving email , checking the stock, using special machine to inspect cd(clean them), repackage the item, and sort it in order.

Also he taught us basic php programming and  showed us his own project to connect his and other warehouse databases in a fast and efficient way.

We made a list of groceries – tomorrow he promised to cook a lasagna !

Day 1

After having a lovely breakfast we left B&B, and walked to for our first day at work in Game Groothandel. On arrival we had a warm welcome by a manager Gerard – he introduced us to the rest of the staff, and showed us the premises. It was a busy day for him – lots of interns working there already.

One of the staff member Jeffrey (apologies if i spelled it wrong), shown us cd/dvd cleaning machine and its operations, its workflow.

For the rest of the day we went through stock items like CDs and sorted them out, put them back into shelves in a order. Good practice with organizational and time management skills.

We enjoyed his forward way of thinking, no boss ordering around – its all about teamwork and going together in one direction.

At the end of the day we had a short break – Lan game of classic fps “Medal of Honor”. That brings  back the memories..


We have arrived!

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

After a pleasant and only one hour flight, we touchdown at a Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Got intercity train to Amsterdam central station. Overcast gloomy weather – same as Dublin !

Had a stroll in a city center, quick gander at a few shops. Found a nice small restaurant “Steakhouse Amsterdam”  and enjoyed juicy steaks, before making trip to Ederveen B&B.

On our way back to train station grabbed a tourist booklet to plan our weekends – lots to see and learn!

Arriving in Ederven, Frabora – the B&B owner picked us up – Thanks a lot!

Accommodation is amazing, on-suite rooms , spacious living room. Tomorrow will be Day 1 of our Erasmus work experience journey – daily updates will follow!

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